Thursday, December 15, 2011

Update: Gap, Marvel Comics, Harajuku Mini, American Apparel, Rocket Salad, Palladium, Stephen Joseph, Stella McCartney, H&M

On August 6th Kingston wore Leather Jacket by H&M (sold out).

On Septermber 1st and on June 9th Zuma probably wore Kids Tri-Blend Short Sleeve T by American Apparel ($12.00).

On August 7th, on August 6th and on August 3rd Zuma wore Kids Hampton Baseball cap by Stella McCartney.

On June 27th Kingston probably wore Kids Fine Jersey Short-Sleeve T by American Apparel.

On August 9th Zuma wore Trainer Hood Logo Set by Rocket Salad (sold out online).

On May 21ston August 3rd and on June 8th Zuma probably wore the Kids Rib Tank Top in White by American Apparel.

On October 3rd  Kingston wore Toddler's Belt, Toddler Boys' Long-Sleeve Shirt with Toddler Boys' Plaid Pant, both byHarajuku Mini. 

On September 26th Kingston wore Toddler Boys' Corduroy Pant by Harajuku Mini.

On September 27th Kingston wore a Boys Hoodie zip Union Jack Flag by Gap.

with Kids Captain America Classic T-shirt by Marvel Comics.

The same day Zuma wore Toddler Boys' Long-Sleeve Blue Tee by Harajuku Mini.

On September 10th Kingston wore Superheroes T-shirt by Marvel Comics.

The same day and on June 26th Zuma probably wore Kids Rib Tank Top by American Apparel.

On November 24th Zuma wore Kids Autospeed T-shirt by Rocket Salad.

On November 25th and on November 13th Zuma wore Toddler's Belt by Harajuku Mini.

On October 7th Kingston wore Kids Pampa Hi Leather boots by Palladium ($50.00).

The same day, Zuma wore Kids Robot Rain Boots by Stephen Joseph.

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